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What began as a shipping container full of mobility devices has transformed into The Nathan Hall Williams Centre, located at the Langa Langa Hospital in Nakuru, Kenya. Responding to the needs of the disabled community, this government hospital wing provides integrated disability services that include physical therapy, occupational therapy, developmental assessments, and customized mobility devices. Not only did the opening of this centre double the service delivery capacity in Nakuru and create access to rehabilitation and therapy, it also reduced the cost burden and the distance traveled for many.


Independence is the key to unlocking potential and almost nothing beats the life-changing moment when someone receives the gift of mobility. Thanks to generous donations from our partners at The Hardcore Help Foundation, NHWC has wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches for people in need. We then work with therapists, development specialists, and orthopedic technologists in Kenya to customize these devices for the individuals receiving them. Being mobile literally means the world to those previously unable to contribute to society and often leads to greater educational, economic, and social opportunities.


At NHWC we know that disability does not mean inability and we are proud to support individuals by providing small business grants. These grants are given to members of business enterprise groups who were started by NHWC and are based on their individual contributions, commitment to group savings accounts, and participation in group activities. Small business grants propel individuals towards economic freedom, allowing them to prioritize the health, education, and social well-being of their families and communities.


Through a partnership with the Kenya Medical Training College, NHWC is launching a new competitive internship program for students working to become physical and occupational therapists. Our program will offer a unique opportunity for students to engage in focused community rehabilitation while helping at-risk clients receive the therapies they need. Industry experts, local and international therapists, universities, and private organizations have joined forces to make this program a one-of-a-kind capacity-building approach for medical service providers in Nakuru County.    

Ready to help create opportunities for people with disabilities?


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